Aloha Joe in Hawaii

"A Guided Journey of Self Discovery and Hawaiian Adventure"

by Author Joe Holt

Author Joe Holt and sons

Author Joe Holt

was born in Santa Barbara,

California in 1978.

He served seven years in the USMC

as an Aviation Electrical Engineer on

helicopters. Since that time he has been

writing books and serving in his local

communities in any local non-profit

that is actively involved in the


Joe Holt has published five books to date.

His first book was "Aloha Joe in Hawaii."

He has since published four more books

with one

"Your Brain is the Key to the Universe"

being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in

General Non-Fiction in 2015.

Joe's most recent book is his

Godfather's Biographical Novel

"The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf."

Author Joe Holt
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Aloha Joe in Hawaii by Author Joe Holt